City continues blending water after kinks

City engineers are continuing to blend a small amount of water from the Hickory Aquifer with current city water supplies as they test the operation system.
It is the third week of blending water from the Hickory Aquifer, which contains iron and radium, with surface water supplies.

"The blending process is going very well. We're very pleased with the results we've obtained," stated Asst Water Utilites Director, Kevin Krueger.

City officals said the blending process will continue at least an additional week as they test the operations system that controls water flow from the Hickory wells through a 62 mile pipeline system to San Angelo.

"In every process, you're going to have a few bugs to work out and we've worked through those bugs and we've learned a lot of things," continued Krueger.

City employees are trying to perfect the blending process before the new Groundwater Treatment Plant goes online in November and contractors, who are teaching the city employees how to operate the pipeline, leave.

The blending process is bringing in an additional 1 M gallons of water per day to San Angelo.

Krueger said the blending project couldn't come at a better time as the city remains in a severe stage of drought and, in the summer, usage increases to 14 M gallons of water a day.

"This blending process is very important from the standpoint that it gives us another tool to be able to look at how we can best use the water supplies that we have left," explained Krueger. "To have the blending option in our back pocket is a very good thing."

How long the water will be blended depends on how long it will take for the system to be fully operational, without any kinks.

"After the groundwater treatment plant is completed, there really shouldn't be a need to do blending. There may be; but, I would expect the blending operations to just about mostly cease," finished Krueger.

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