Christoval Vineyards

- Three miles outside of Christoval in the peaceful country side sits a quiet vineyard where Drex Vincent has been growing and harvesting grape vines for the past five years to produce local award winning red and white wines.

"We do our very best for the grapes we grow here year in and year out to be consistently have a very similar nose or aroma and flavor. That being said climate can have a big impact into that. The soil is the same every year, but the climate can change," Christoval Vineyards Drex Vincent said.

Although the dry West Texas climate can affect production, that doesn't stop Christoval Vineyards from producing 2,500 to 3,000 cases of wine a year. Totaling up to 36,000 bottles. The wine produced is stored in stainless steel pressurized tanks and oak wood barrels for fermentation. When ready the wine is bottled, labeled, and sold locally. Christoval vineyards will be showcasing some of their best wines at this week's wine festival.

"We'll be there, but there will be wineries from all over the state they'll be a plethora of different wines whites, reds, dry, sweets that you can try I just encourage people to come out and try something new," Vincent said

Chirstoval Vineyards is open to the public Thursday through Sunday and is available for weddings and other private events.

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