"Check For Baby in Back" Saving Lives One Sticker at a Time

- Seven years ago, Michelle Read experienced something she never thought could happen to her. She accidentally left her newborn son in the car after arriving home. Twenty minutes later, Read, suddenly realized what she had done running frantically outside to find her son sleeping in his car seat unharmed. Today, Read is on a mission to help other parents prevent the unthinkable.

"I want to stop babies from dying in cars. I think that's a senseless death. I saw how easily it can happen, but a car accident we can't prevent that a sickness we can't prevent that, but this is something because we forgot  and that's senseless so I want that to stop that's a horrible death," Check For Baby In Back Founder Michelle Read said.

Read created and Founded the "Check For Baby in Back" Campaign. The Campaign consists of colorful and eye catching steering wheel and window stickers, a rear view mirror tag and a keychain that read "Check for baby in back." The window sticker can be placed anywhere on the outside window to alert someone walking by a parked vehicle that there could be a child in the car.

"You carry your baby for nine months your excited about giving birth to this baby you have this baby and then to accidentaly forget them that's devastating and we need to stop that and this is going to help that," Read said.

The "Check For Baby in Back" campaign allows drivers and passersby to save a life by checking for children in the vehicle. If you would like more information on the campaign or to purchase a sticker, rear view mirror tag or keychain contact Michelle Read at 325-650-2924.

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