Biologist: quail numbers may triple

- There is good news for quail hunters as the recent rains may have improved quail hunting this year.

Game Warden, Jason Huebner, said while the four days of rain are a good thing, it also means more predators are going to come out of holes.

"Wildlife is, all of the sudden, coming out of the woodwork and much of that is due to, if you look around, a lot of new growth," stated Huebner.

With late spring showers, more wildlife from deer to rattlesnakes are starting to be seen around San Angelo.

Huebner said just because more wildlife is being sighted, does not mean the population increased overnight.

"When you've got more prey out there, the predator numbers are going to follow," continued Huebner. "Now, we might not see a population increase until there are good range conditions."

The population growth depends on rainfall totals.

At the San Angelo State Park, local biologist, John McEachern, said the rainfall could cause the grass to grow which, in turn, would increase the animal population.

"Since this rain, hopefully we'll increase some the ground cover which will help increase different populations from rodents, reptiles, to your white tail deer," explained McEachern. "We've held our quail population a lot better than other areas have."

McEachern said the quail population could double or triple this year, it all depends if we get enough rain.

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