Barnhart running out of water

- The Irion County town of Barnhart has seen an increase in population because of oil production in the area. They are also running out of water.

The town of Barnhart is still in dire straights. They are depending on one water well that is only pumping about 5 gallons a minute. They are waiting for test results from their new well, which was drilled in June. 

Irion County Commissioner, John Nanny, said residents are doing everything they can to conserve water.

"We've got porterpottys set up at the convenience stores because we've asked them to close the restrooms. Our local laundromat is open, I believe, two days a week, we've limited water consumption to 6 hours per day for the biggest trailer park there," explained Nanny.

The agency that regulates drinking water in Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, said well completion data must be submitted before they will approve the well.

Well Project Manager, J.R. Carey, said some of the well data had to be redone. He said because of a mistake by the water well driller.

"The majority of the documents that are required for interim approval by TCEQ have been submitted with the exception of a recorded plaque showing sanitary easement and revising that well log," Carey described.

Nanny said he does not know when Barnhart residents will be able to use the new water well.

"Well, there was a glitch somewhere's in one of the tests," Nanny stated. "They misplaced a decimal; so, they had to reissue that and, at this time, I'm not sure how much longer we've got to wait."

Currently, Irion County Commissioners are now looking for more funding to drill another well.

"We're going to explore other grant options. That's all we can do. ....Anything to maybe get us enough money to drill another well in a different location," finished Nanny.

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