Barnhart misses happy ending

- The residents of Barnhart are now able to use their new water well, which is pumping as much a 20 gallons of water a minute, that is up from five gallons before this well was online.

Yet, there is a surprising setback to what should be a happy ending for Barnhart.
In the town of Barnhart, an influx of oil and gas workers has added strain to an already inefficient water system. After waiting a year-and-a-half for a new water well to be completed, Barnhart residents could not be more excited about the working well.

"Well, we're excited about getting the new well and we were hoping for more gallons per minute; but, you get what you get and you deal with what you have," stated resident Frances Shaw.

The new well is far from perfect. Pump operators have to manually turn the pump on twice a day to fill the reserve tank.

"So, we have to run this by hand. So, we just monitor what the level of water is in our standpipe and then either come down here and turn it on or come down here and turn it off...whichever the case may be," stated Irion County Commissioner, Precinct 3, John Nanny.

The well was originally supposed to pump 40 gallons every minute. Right now, around 20 gallons of fresh water are flowing each minute. An internal sensor will shut the pump off if it exceeds 20... to prevent a pump burn out.

"Then they finally ascertained that we was going to get 20 gallons a minute maximum and well, right now, we're at 18. So, if we open it anymore, it will pump off," explained Nanny.

Nanny said the system is simple to operate.

Contractors still need to install communication devices that will eliminate the need for manually turning on and off the pump.

"We're in the process of getting the contractors to come back down here and put the communications in that were in the workscope of the project," continued Nanny.

Residents are pleased their lives can return to normal in many ways, like taking regular showers.

The water situation is still so severe residents can not water their lawns.

In the meantime, Irion County Commissioners are considering grant applications to bring more fresh water to the town.

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