Approved: SAISD employee raises & food price increase

- School board members Monday approved salary increases for teachers and other SAISD employees.

The school board unanimously approved a $1,400 salary increase for all school district teachers, librarians and other employees beginning in August. The starting teacher salary will also increase to $37,500. Administrators will get a 2.5% increase.

Board member Bill Dendle said their goal is to retain school district employees.

"The more advantageous compensation pay that we can offer... the better people that we can retain or, actually, the better people we won't lose to other positions," stated Dendle.

Board members also approved a $1,000 insurance supplement for all district staffers for the coming school year..

"Because health insurance costs are going up so dramatically, the board voted for a one-time thousand dollar, spread out over the year in two payments, help on their health insurance," explained SAISD Superintendent, Carol Ann Bonds.

Board members also approved lunch ticket increases of a quarter to $2.50 for elementary students and $2.75 for secondary schools.

"I'm happy to see the board supported our recommendation for the $.25 increase," explained Food Service Director, Kim Carter. "I think they agree wholeheartedly with us that, you know, part of our mission is the funding that we have inside the child nutrition program that we are able to sustain that program on its own and that leaves more money to be available in the classrooms."

The new prices will take effect when school starts in August.

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