Active Warrant Scam

- The Tom Green County Sheriffs Office has received over twenty calls of a telephone scammer identifying himself as "Lieutenant Donaldson" with the sheriffs department. He tells victims they have an active warrant for their arrest and should purchase a Green Dot Money Card and meet him in the parking lot of the Sheriffs Office or courthouse to pay to avoid being arrested.

"We do have a warrant division and they at times do call individuals who do have active warrants and what they usually do is they tell them they inform them that there is a warrant for their arrest and to either turn themselves in at the Tom Green County jail or to contact the judges office, but they don't request to meet  in the parking lot for money," Tom Green County Sheriffs Department PIO Christina Lopez said.

Lieutenant Lopez also says that another red flag to look for when faced with a individual posing to be a peace officer is that they should carry their sheriffs identification card or deputation card issued by the county clerk. If those items are not present they could be a scammer.

"If anyone does receive a phone call of this nature and with any type of phone scams do not give out your personal information do not give out your social security number do not give out bank account numbers. Any personal information that they request please we urge you don't give that over the telephone," Lopez said.

Lopez added that if you receive this type of phone call you should notify the Tom Green County Sheriffs Office or SAPD to make a report. For questions about active warrants please call the municipal or county courts.

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