AAA offers free tow July 4th

- With the July 4th weekend, AAA is offering a last resort, a free tow program for passengers and drivers.
Till 11:59 Friday evening, motorists, bartenders, or even passengers of a driver who has been drinking can call a local business Home Motors, which is partnering with AAA, or even AAA directly for a free, safe tow if the residence is ten miles or less from the current destination.

The driver can also opt into accepting a free ride home, if the home is within the ten mile limit.

AAA official, Doug Shupe, said the goal is to keep more people safe this holiday.

"AAA Texas is once again offering its Tipsy Toe program. This is a free community service that aims to keep drunk drivers off the road," explained Shupe.

Shupe said this plan is to be a last resort.

"What we are asking folks to do is plan ahead. If you are of age and if you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with alcohol, make sure that you designate a sober driver," Shupe said. "Make alternate plans for a cab or plan for an overnight stay and as a last resourt, AAA Texas will offer Tipsy Toe in case there are no other options available."

AAA only offers this program twice a year.

"Nearly two decades AAA Texas has been offering the Tipsy Tow and we offer this service both during the Fourth of July holiday and for New Years Eve," finished Shupe.

Shupe asks drivers who plan to drink to have a plan ready; so, they and the passengers can get safely home.

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