15th Annual "Wake the Desert" Tournament

Spectators filled Middle Concho Park, this weekend at Lake Nasworthy, to witness the largest and longest running wakeboard tournament in the state.

The Wake the Desert competition has returned to San Angelo for the 14th year.

Competitors from across the country traveled to San Angelo, this weekend, for the 15th annual Wake the Desert tournament.

Event Coordinator, Scott Ragan, says this is the second largest event at Lake Nasworthy following the boat races, scheduled in the fall.

"It's great for the city. It's great for us and we just love coming out to San Angelo," Ragan said.

Spectators camped out at Middle Concho Park to witness the action packed water sports from over 150 competitors.

"It's one of our biggest turnouts ever, and you know people are coming earlier and earlier to reserve their spot," Ragan said.

Wake Surfing Coordinator, Chris Kinsey, says San Angelo is one of five stops across the country in the Endless Wave Tour.

"We have a stop in California, Colorado, San Angelo, Fort Worth and in Canada," Kinsey said.

Kinsey says wake surfing was added as a division about five years ago.

"Wake surfing is basically surfing  just like you do in the ocean, we do it behind the boat. You get up using a rope, you toss the rope in and you ride the endless wave created by the boat as long as you can go," Kinsey said.

Competitors accumulate points in the wake surfing and boarding divisions throughout the tour.

"They're judged on their style, their amplitude, which is how high or explosive they get off the water, and creativity," Ragan said.

Ragan says, coordinators and competitors alike look forward to the three-day event.

"These people have been coming to this event for 15 years in a row, and it's just grown bigger and bigger. It's just like a big family," Ragan said.

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