About Us

Four H Recycling was founded in April 2011 by J.T. Hinson and sons D'Wayne, Jim, and Craig. Located on San Angelo's north side in the old Holland Tractor building, Four H buys scrap metals from people and companies alike. We mainly deal in copper, aluminum, stainless, brass, and car batteries. Give us a call if you think you might have something else we'd like to buy from you.

Selling at Four H

Four H Recycling of San Angelo is a state-registered Metal Recycling Entity, dealing in copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and batteries. With special exceptions for extremely large sales, all transactions are completed at our North San Angelo headquarters. Simply pull into the garage area on the east side of the building and our attendants will assist you. Because market value of each metal fluctuates on a daily basis, our prices change, as well. Per SB 694, we are registered with the State of Texas as a Metals Recycling Entity. Documentation can be viewed at our office.