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We service small, medium and large business with 3 lines or more. We provide equipment that will allow a business to communicate efficiently, as well as provide equipment that allows users to dial a 3, 4, or 5 digit extension to reach others in the company (across the street, or around the world) without having to dial a phone number. This also allows calls (internal or external) to be transferred from extension to extension, or even create a conference call. We make the business telecommunications more efficient.

We have a unified communication server that does a lot as well. It integrates with the phone system, and your computer system. It has a dashboard that shows all extensions across your network. It's kind of like an employee tracker. You log in if you're at your desk, at the coffee pot, at home, lunch...etc. When someone hovers the mouse over your name, boom, it tells them where you are. It also allows for Instant messaging, chats, and the ability to dial from outlook.

The other side of our business is the phone service side. We provide the dial tone coming into the phone system. Sometimes it's VoIP, sometimes it's analog lines. Every business is different. Tel Pro has agreements with multiple carriers so we can go out and get the best deal for the business.

We offer free communication bill audits. If you have had your phone service for a long period of time, in most cases, there has been upgrades by the carriers that will allow you to get more bang for your buck. Let us look at what you have. Tel Pro Communications really believes that good isn't good enough. We want to make it better.

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