Wall Wide Receivers Key Part of Team Success 12-16-13

The names Tre Chitsey, Caleb Weise, and Clayton Willman may not sound familiar to you even if you've watched our highlights of the Wall Hawks this season. Those guys are the wide receivers, and while they may not catch a lot of passes, their impact has been felt the entire season and they're truly one of the reasons the Hawks will play for the state title on Thursday.

Houston Guy : "The one thing about those kids if you're going to classify those kids, the character they have, they're all so unselfish and it really makes this offense and defense work. You've got to have kids that are willing to sell out and willing to be successful for the team even though they may not be in the spotlight."

Randy Ward: "It's a philosophy that the whole team has bought into, and so when someone scores, the same rule applies, it's a team celebration."

Tre Chitsey: "As long as we score I get as excited, just as if I scored. I go celebrate with my teammates, it's a real happy feeling."

Caleb Weise: "I feel that it all a team effort so if I'm helping the team score and go to state then it's just as fun as if you're scoring yourself."

Ward: "As to what the wideouts are specifically asked to do, coach Guy says it pretty clearly, protect the edge."

Guy: "We tell them all the time, if we can't get to the perimeter and block the perimeter we will never have success running this offense."

Weise: "Only one person can score but the other 10 members of the team, if you don't get your block then that person is not going to score."

Ward: "The formula has worked to perfection to this point for Wall with their 15 and 0 record, so don't expect to much to change under the bright lights at AT&T Stadium."

Sean Beeles: "What we've done has been successful and it's got us to this ultimate game. So, really fine tuning what we do, sticking to what we do is really the approach and running it well."

The Hawks will face the defending state champions on Thursday when as Cameron Yoe will enter with a 14 and 1 record. The Yoemens only loss was a single digit defeat midseason, they've won nine in a row. Cameron Yoe is a team that has more passing Touchdowns than rushing scores, we'll have more on them tomorrow evening.

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