Wall Football Celebrated During Championship Week 12-17-13

Wall and Cameron Yoe are set to meet in the 2A Division One Title game on Thursday. Being a short practice week is hectic to begin with, then add in all the championship festivities, it's really a whirlwind right now.

Championship Week is not as easy for the players and coaches to prepare as one might think. They're busy with all the extras, last night the Hawks were on a radio program, this morning being recognized at the city council meeting, all that takes away from the focus of the task at hand. Dealing with these extras is something Cameron Yoe is used to, this is their 3rd trip to the finals in the last 4 seasons.

Rick Rhoades: "We know what this week is going to be like, this is kind of mini version of Super Bowl week. We've been through that, I think our kids know how to handle that and I think our coaching staff know a how to handle that. So I really think it is a huge advantage."

Houston Guy: "Just repeating from last year, most of those kids have been in the stadium and have been at the venue and they've done it, and so they have the advantage there."

Ward: "On the field, the Yoemen are extremely balanced, 46 passing TD's and 40 rushing TD's on the season. The passing game is similar to what the Hawks have faced in the playoffs already, just more efficient."

Guy: "They execute better than Eastland, they execute better than Bushland. It's one of those situations where you're going to have to be on top of your game. We're going to have to have our best defensive performance. But I think last was our best defensive performance."

Cameron Yoe has not played against an option team this season like they've see from Wall, in fact it's been a while since they've played one.

Rhoades: "It's a big challenge for us because every play, no matter what formation they're in you have to have somebody responsible for the dive, you got to have somebody responsible for the quarterback, you got to have somebody responsible for the pitch. We haven't faced an option since 2010 when we played Marlin out here. So it's going to be a big big challenge for our defense. But our defense has been playing pretty well right now."

Ward: "The Wall Coaches expect to see Cameron Yoe counter with multiple looks defensively to try and contain the Hawks run game."

Shawn Beeles: "Everything that we've seen from them we've seen before and fairly recent. Now again, this is for the State Championship, they're going to pull out all the stops and maybe throw some wrinkles in I'm sure, so they're are different things we're going to have to catch on the fly and adjust to on the fly."

Facing the option isn't the only thing the Yoeman are concerned about, they see the Hawks with the advantage in team depth.

Kylen Harrell: "This team is different, they have a lot of people who play offense and only offense and that's what's going to make a big difference, they're not going to be tired and we're going to have to step our game up."

Ward: "After all, both teams have made it to the state title game, so they're equally good and playing their best ball of the season right now."

Guy: "We're peaking at the right time, both sides of the ball and even on special teams. I think we're hitting our stride where you want to be hitting it, and we have one game left."

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