Two-A-Day Tour: Ozona Lions 08-07-14

In district 3-2A Division I, the UIL realignment last February was anything but kind to Christoval and Ozona as they are forced to travel 6 hours west to Anthony this fall. When we caught up with the Ozona Lions today travel was the last thing on their minds.

"The Ozona Lions are looking to return to the playoffs in 2014 after being bi-district finalist a year ago. The main challenge for the Lions replacing six defensive starters lost to graduation."

Edward Perez: "I don't think you can ever replace a senior with a sophomore but that's the case that we are in right now. We're just hoping by district time that they are good enough to fill those spots. They are going to have to get a lot of reps during the preseason and make sure we get them in the right places."

Jeff: "With so many gaps to fill this season with underclassmen coach Perez and his Lions can only approach the 2014 season one way. One game at a time."

Perez: "My expectations for this team is to simply take it one game at a time. And that's where we are at right now. Because we are so young and we do have guys that have been on teams that were successful, they are going to push a little bit harder and try to be those team leaders, Which is what we want. We have to bring those young kids along like you said. We are going to take it one game at a time."

Jeff: "On the plus side for the young Lions the underclassmen have retained what they learned during offseason workouts last spring giving Ozona the confidence they need to start the season."

Perez: "You do have to have patience with the younger guys. You have to make sure they are doing the things right. You have to slow things down and make sure you are nit-picking on the small things and everything else. But they're doing a great job. So we're ahead of the curve right now in my book."

Jeff: "The revolving door of youth is something coach Perez is use to. Bottom line, when the Friday night lights illuminate the Ozona sky, the Lions have to be ready."

Perez: "We have a good senior class coming up just like we did last year. It's going to be the same boat next year. We are going to have to have a lot of people step up and show us that they are going to be able to prove themselves in those spots. Friday night lights hit and they are going to have to be ready."

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