Mason Expects Dominance To Continue 08-14-14

It's no secret the Mason Punchers have been a small school powerhouse when get comes to football over the past several seasons. This year the Punchers are looking for another deep playoff run

Jeff: "When the Mason Punchers hit the field on Friday nights you can expect to see the same smash mouth Punchers football you've seen in years past. Head Coach Kevin Burns feels his team is experienced enough to keep the dominance alive."

Kevin Burns: "We have quite a few guys returning in different spots and we also have some guys like every year that are coming up off of JV or were back-ups the previous year that are going to fill in on starting rolls and hopefully get the job done."

Jeff: "This Saturday the Punchers get to hit someone from another team for the first time this year and hope to see just where they stand as a team."

Kyle Zavala: "It doesn't take long before you get tired of hitting on your own guys so we are excited to get out there and hit someone else and see how we do against somebody else. See what we are doing wrong up front and be able to bring it back on film and correct the things we did wrong from the scrimmage."

Jeff: "Stepping in at quarterback this season is senior Miguel Castillo who feels his role in years past has prepared him to run the offense."

Miguel Castillo: "Me being a receiver last year definitely helped me to know the offense a whole lot better and being a quarterback I can have a good relationship with my receivers. And the line they're doing a great job."

Jeff: "Mason is now three seasons removed from a State Championship crown and for coach Burns he wants his team to focus on the games at hand and worry about December when December gets here."

Burns: "It's early on in the season and guys need to understand that we don't need to be looking at games in November and December. Those are games that are down the line. We have to concentrate on making us better right now so that we are ready for those games when they come."

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