Junction Starts Turnaround 08-12-14

Junction has a new head coach this season in Mitch McLemore. McLemore comes to Junction from Stamford a program with a couple of state titles painted on the side of their water tower. McLemore's long term goal is to add championship of his own with the Eagles.

Jeff: "The Junction Eagles are under the leadership of first year Head Coach Mitch McLemore. McLemore and his team have many goals in place for 2014, the main one being making the Junction Eagles a household name."

Mitch McLemore: "They want to be successful. I mean that they want change. They want to elevate Junction to one of those programs that are talked about every year not just one year."

Jeff: "The Eagles know just what it takes to turn a program around and they are ready to get after it."

Asa Plumley: "Hard work. Everyday 100%. Just show up to practice with good attitudes and work hard man. Just get after it."

Jeff: "To turnaround a program every player involved has to be on the same page mentally. A huge characteristic the Eagles have in their favor."

Adam Carpenter: "We all have the same mindset as far as practicing and what we do and how we do it. I think we just have to take that on the field and just play fast like we are suppose to."

Jeff: "Another factor that plays into turning a program around is youth. With only two returning starters from last season youth is the one word that describes this Eagles team."

McLemore: "We are a very very young football team. We only have two starters back on each side of the ball, but from what I've seen so far, pleasantly surprised and I think that we can really surprise some people with what we can do."

Jeff: "The last and probably most important thing these Eagles have that will make this turnaround possible, selflessness."

David Modesto: "It's a lot better. We have a lot more commitment. Everybody's more driven to actually play and play for somebody else and not just themselves. So we come together better as a team."

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