Eden To Rely On Youth 08-16-14

Eden is under second year head coach Seth Jackson. Jackson and his bulldogs are a young team who are lead by one senior. The Bulldogs have one of the longest playoff droughts going on in the Concho Valley and with a little hard work, the Bulldogs look to but an end to the drought.

Jeff: "Last year the Eden Bulldogs were under the direction of a brand new coaching staff. This season the bulldogs hope to reap the benefits of knowing a familiar system."

Casey Mund: "Last year we had a totally new coaching staff and everything was new to the kids. Now we have a year under their belts and they know the expectations that we have for them. So we are not at much of a learning curve as we were starting out last year."

Jeff: "For the second straight season Eden returns only one senior. The youth of the team forces a leader to emerge and the lone senior to be a mentour for younger players."

Mund: "It's good I guess for the younger guys because we have good young talent, and some of the younger guys are going to have to step up. The one senior that we have is going to have to step up and be that leader the younger guys can lean on."

Jeff: "The Bulldogs faithful have not seen an Eden team make the playoffs in twenty years. Goal number one for the Bulldogs? Put an end to the playoff drought."

Mund: "It's been 20 years and we've been preaching on it. We've been working hard and that's our main goal. To try and get over that hump and into the playoffs."

Jeff: "Even with the playoff drought looming in the back of their minds, the Bulldogs are staying optimisyic."

Mund: "Stay enthusiastic about everything and try to keep practice fun. For the most part all of the kids have been really energetic about it all year been working hard this year. There is a big difference from the start of last year to this year, how they've been working hard. And it's been a good surprise."

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