21 Years 08-13-14

We have all experienced the drought conditions around the Concho Valley over the last few years. In Christoval, their football program has witnessed a drought of a different magnitude dating all the way back to 1993. We met up with the Cougars today who are ready to end the dry spell.

Jeff: "Last season the Christoval Cougars tore a path through their schedule with only one loss before bowing out in the bi-district round of the playoffs unexpectedly. The playoff win drought of over twenty years is the main motivation for the Cougars this season."

Justin Taylor: "21 years. That's all we talk about is 21 years. It's been 21 years since Christoval won a playoff game. Christoval has never won and 11 man playoff game ever in the history of Christoval. Our kids know that we were one play away and we used that as motivation all offseason. 21 years. United we stand, we've come together so we'll see where it goes."

Jeff: "The bi-district loss last season to McCamey was a tough one to take for Head Coach Justin Taylor. This year, McCamey and Christoval are in the same district and the Cougars hope to avoid costly mental mistakes."

Taylor: "That was the difference between game one and game 2 was we took care of the ball. We had two touchdowns, we had a touchdown called back, we fumbled it in the end zone, we threw two interceptions in the end zone. That's 28 points we left on the field the second time. Those are the type of things we worked on this summer was trying to fix the mental breakdown that occurs throughout a game."

Jeff: "The Cougars have come closer together as a team over the summer and feel the way to get over the playoff hump is to play Christoval Cougar football."

Dusty Pruiet: "We have to keep up the mentality that we are a good team we need to have good leadership like we do now. We just need to be the Christoval Cougars. That's what we need to be."

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