Sports Challenge: Three-Point Shootout

- By: Marcus Officer

In this week's Sports Challenge we are at Central high school competing in a three-point shooting contest.

Basketball season is in full swing so we decided to hold a basketball challenge with senior Central point guard Kyle Lara. To better grasp the type of player Kyle is, I spoke with Central head basketball coach Jaimie Boswell about his senior point guard's skill set.

We each would have three shots from five different spots on the floor.

Kyle started the contest from the corner and things looked good in my favor as Kyle missed his first three shots.yle found his stroke at the top of the key and then nailed two of three shots from the high, Klye nailed six shots and it was then my turn.

But as he worked his way around the horn, he began to heat up. K

When Kyle got to the other corner he closed nailing one additional shot. He would

I suffered the same bad fortune as Kyle on my opening round, going oh for three but unlike Kyle, the brick cloud continued to follow me as I worked my way around the court. The bar was s

Miss, after miss, after miss, I had built a house by the time I got to the final station. I was finally able to erase the goose egg and nailed my first shot but it was too late.

Kyle would walk away this week's sports challenge winner.

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