Two-A-Day Tour: Bronte Longhorns 08-06-14

Coke County will be home to the return of the Coke County Rivalry in opening week of the high school football season. Bronte will play at Robert Lee and line-up six man style for that game. We visited with both teams for our KSAN Two A Day Tour on Wednesday. Jeff Corean has the story from Bronte.

Jeff: "The Bronte Longhorns are gearing up for the 2014 football season. When the UIL realignments came out this past February, many Conch Valley Teams were faced with challenges. One of the main challenges for the Bronte Longhorns playing teams they haven't traditionally played in season's past."

Kevin Burns: "The only one that is going to be really new for us is Roscoe. We haven't played them in the last eight to ten years. We've kept an eye on them so we have a general idea. I really think the district is going to be super competitive. We're going to try to play great defense again and we are going to go try and win the district championship if we can. Those philosophies and those ideas aren't going to change."

Jeff: "Week one of the season will be a little out of the ordinary for Bronte as their first game will be against Robert Lee in a six-man match-up. Head Coach Kevin Burns feels the game will benefit his defense."

Jeff: "I think it is going to be good for open field tackling. I think it's going to be good to see what we look like in space. One mistake in a six-man game is a touchdown. In an eleven man game, one mistake can be a touchdown but you have enough bodies to get in there and go help."

Jeff: "Last season injuries forced the Longhorns to utilize underclassmen in starting roles which in turn has Bronte eager to improve this season."

Josh Puentez: "It was great that they stepped up and played for us. Like our quarterback Kyle Richards he had to start as a sophomore. I think that built him up and made him more confident under center."

Dakota Pullen: "I think we are going in with an entirely different attitude than we did last year. We're more focused and more determined to get further in the season. We just want to do better in general."

Jeff: "Jeff Corean, KSAN, San Angelo's sports channel"

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