Blackwell Expects Playoff Berth 08-09-14

Sticking with the insects with stingers, the Hornets of Blackwell are looking to get back to the sweet land of six-man football playoff honey. Blackwell returns 3 starters on both sides of the ball in 2014.

Jeff: "There is no doubt about it six-man football is a numbers game. With 20 young men being a part of Blackwell football this fall, Head Coach Clint Lowry feels his Hornets will be a district title contender."

Clint Lowty: "We are going to have possibly 20 kids when school gets going. I know Loraine lost some really good talented kids also this past year and they'll be ready to play just like everybody else. I feel pretty good about it. We still have to show up and play just like everybody else on Friday"

Jeff: "With the departure of eight seniors a year ago the winds of change have blown across Hornet Field here in Blackwell. The three returning starters from last season are here to ensure that the Hornets make it just as far, if not further than they did a year ago."

Franck Cano: "We did lose a lot of players, a lot of seniors but I feel that we can get that same teamwork and we'll be just as good. Maybe even better."

Jeff: "With Blackwell going two rounds deep into the playoffs last season the mindset and expectations from this years team is to surpass last years accomplishments."

Lowry: "These guys this year, they want to do better than what the group did last year. They had a good set of kids showing them how to win and showing them how to work. These guys work hard."

Jeff: "In 2014 the Hornets swarming defense look to be the heart and soul of the team and take back what they believe is theirs."

Matthew Meyer: "We're going to be mean. We have a bunch of stout kids out there, fast. We are just going to look for the ball and take it."

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