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Wall takes on Breckenridge in Bi District

Wall takes on the Buckaroos in there first Bi District Game.
by Cornelius Thompson Jr.

The Wall Hawks may be undefeated on there season but they know not to take there first bi district playoff game against a 4 and 6 Breckenridge team easily.

 “There 4-6 record is not indicative to how good they are,” said Wall Head Coach Houston Guy.

 Coach Guy says  the Buckaroos have been playing well as of late and are getting some key starters back on there team after and injury plagued season.

 “There first three loses in district came at a time where they were really beat up,” said Guy.  “They were playing with a back up quarterback and a couple of backup lineman, so with the new guys getting healthy they are playing really good right now.”

 Like wall Breckenridge is known for pounding the ball on the ground, good old fashion football, which is concern for the hawk coaches.

 “There ability to run the football that kind of worries me we got to be really good with our linebackers, we got to control the line of scrimmage with our defensive lineman and secondary can’t be fooled with play action. Those are the big things for our defense,” added Guy

 Without a loss all season long it’s easy to say the hawks have been playing good football all season long but according to Coach Houston guy his team is peaking at the right time.


“I think in some areas we are and I think in some areas we can play a lot better and I feel like in those areas that we can play better we hope they don’t exploit those and we continue to play good traditional football,” said Guy.

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