Two A Day Tour Central and Robert Lee

Two A Day Tour Central and Robert Lee

Our two a day tour continues with one 5A and six-man team.
It's day one of pads and the Bobcats defense is proving they're the best they've ever been.

Joseph Brooks: We're meshing as a unit because we have all the same guys from last year coming back except for one of our defensive ends who was a senior but everyone is from the same group and we all know each other so we're like a big whole family on defense, well the whole team is but we're really meshing as a unit right now.

Coach Davis has noticed as well and says that side of the ball is reaching his high expectations.

Brent Davis: I thought our defense looked really good you know and we expect them to. We've got a lot back on that side of the ball feel like we're going to have a pretty good defense the best we've had since we've been here as far as at Central.

The Robert Lee Steers are looking to carry last year's winning season over into 2013.

Will Howard: This year we have a younger team but we have more depth and more positions we have several people that can step in and play no matter what position they're asked to do and that's helped us a lot.

One steer ranked his level of excitement on a scale of ten and thinks the team will be ready at gametime.

Mychael Tijerina: Eight or nine. I think we could be more intense, I know we're pretty excited now but I know we could pick it up and we should be able to be good by the time it's week zero.

Will Howard: We've been a lot more physical and you can tell there's a lot more excitement going into this week.

Sarah Pilla: Both Central and Robert Lee have two weeks left to prepare before the Friday night lights are turned on for the 2013 high school football season. Sarah Pilla. KSAN. San Angelo's Sports Channel.

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