Paint Rock and Veribest Two-A-Day Tour 08-15-13

Paint Rock and Veribest Two-A-Day Tour 08-15-13

Paint Rock and Veribest were featured on the Two-A-Day Tour on Thursday.
In Paint Rock the Indians battled numerous injuries during the two thousand 12 season, and that hindered their chances at varsity wins. This year in addition to starting off with a healthy group of players, those players are larger. And Size does matter according to Head Coach Bud Halfmann who plans to use that size his teams advantage as he feels the size will help both sides of the ball.

Bud Halfmann: "One generally goes with the other. You got a little size it's going to help your blocking and defense. Everybody thinks six man is a wide open game, and it is, but it still comes down to blocking and tackling and a little size never hurts."

Brendon Smith, SR, Spread Back: "We have some bigger guys so this year we can actually run some tight and actually run the ball instead of having to pass it most of the time."

Colton Brown, JR, QB: "First few days of practice is all the basics and when the pads came on we all got more pumped up, we al worked harder."

Coach Wayne Stigler was hired at Veribest at the end of July, which didn't leave any time for him learn about his team prior to the start of two-a-days. It worked both ways, the Falcon players didn't know much about their new coach, but now that they've been on the field together it's easy to see the workouts are hard, but with an encouraging attitude.

Dalton Nixon, Tackle: "He never really puts us down at all. He works us a lot more harder he expects a lot more out of us."

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