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Lake View Ends Five-Year Playoff Drought 11-13-13

The Lake View Chiefs will play Canyon Randall in their first playoff match since 2008.

Sarah Pilla: "The Lake View Chiefs entered their final regular season game tied for last in the district standings, but they got the win and are now practicing for their first playoff match versus Canyon Randall. They were able to clinch the top seed in the division two bracket and are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

Eli Peterson, Lake View running back: The big deal is us making the playoffs. That was our goal for this season and we did it and we're going to go win a game in playoffs so we're fired up about that.

The Chiefs will travel to Andrews on Friday to face the Canyon Randall Raiders. Coach Kuhlmann says he has a good idea of what the Raiders will do to try to stop Lake View.

Head Coach Doug Kuhlmann: They're just going to pound it at you running game wise, they don't hit big big plays in the running game but they move the ball and the next thing they're going to try to do is throw it over the top of you once they get you working up to the middle so they're similar to us in many ways along that regard.

This is the first time the Chiefs are going to the postseason with Kuhlmann at the helm. The coaching staff has always believed in the team but the head coach gives credit to his seniors for boosting confidence.

Kuhlmann: If they would've gotten their head down or if they would've felt like it's the same old same old, we're just not getting it done, I think it would've been a different story so I think the seniors stayed upbeat, they believed we could do it and stay with the coaching staff. The coaching staff always knew and believed in our athletes so I think the senior leadership was huge.

Confidence isn't only contained to the locker room, the Lake View community believes in their boys too.

Peterson: Everybody's excited, everybody's pumped up about it. It's not just the football team, the teachers the students, and people who don't even care about football are excited.

The Chiefs will take that excitement to the first round of playoffs. Reporting from Lake View High School. Sarah Pilla. KSAN. San Angelo's Sports Channel."

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