Hornets look to remain unbeaten in last non-district contest 10-09-13

Hornets look to remain unbeaten in last non-district contest 10-09-13

Blackwell look to remain undefeated and win the the Battle of the Hornets when Highland comes to visit Friday night.
Sarah Pilla: "As you drive up route 70, you'll come across the small town of Blackwell, Texas, so small that the population is just over 300, but their football team is big time. The Blackwell Hornets are ranked 23rd in the state and looking to keep their unbeaten streak alive...

Head Coach Clint Lowry: I believe this year they have more confidence in themselves, last year I think they wanted to win, this year they expect to win and that's a big difference.

The Hornets have already exceeded last year's win total with their 6th victory  over Veribest winning 78-0. That was Blackwell's third shutout win of the season. Offensively Running back Jayden Jones has been one of the catalysts for the team, he's 38 yards shy of eclipsing the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the season and he attributes much of their success to second year Head Coach Clint Lowry.

Jayden Jones Senior RB/LB: He kind of encourages us more and he boosts our confidence level we're in the weightroom a ton we're a lot stronger, faster, and everything we were in the previous years.

There's no doubt that winning is fun and The Hornets like to carry that energy into their hairstyle. This week their rocking mohawks as Highland visits Friday night for the Battle of the Hornets.

Jones: Intimidation factor kind of, just trying to have a little fun with the game, we're pretty close to eachother so we go out and do things and the hair is just one of them.

In addition to the fun, coach says working with this group of focused young men is purely a joy.

Lowry: It's just amazing to watch them sometimes, I know they're fully loaded on their classwork and still take time to come out here and bust it for us and it makes it easy for us.

Pilla: These seats may be empty now but come Friday night you can expect a large sea of green as the folks of Blackwell will be rooting for their football team to remain undefeated as the Highland Hornets come into town for Blackwell's final non district matchup of the season. Sarah Pilla. KSAN. San Angelo's Sports Channel."

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