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Lake View Hoops Family Is More Than Just Student-Athletes 01/13/14

Lake View students Adan & Michael thrive as mangers for the Schools
by Cornelius Thompson Jr.

The Lake View basketball team has  two mangers Adan Capichina and Michael fox. Both have physical limitations that  enable them from playing in varsity sports but still have the love for the game.  While Michael was born with cerebral palsy Adan's story line is little  different, after a varsity tennis match last year the unexpected happened.

"I went home to take a  nap then I woke up because I didn't feel good and that when I  just fell and couldn't move my left side," said Capichina.

What Michael had was a stroke  and with that complication no more high school sports or basketball, the sport he loved. So to fill the void his dad mentioned being a manger for one of the  high school teams. For Michael his route in becoming a manger was a little different.
"Michael loves basketball and his  counselor and us discussed making him a manager for our basketball  team and we took upon ourselves to go for it, and I am so glad we did," said  head coach Robert Chaney.
"Its a lot of fun I get to  travel with the team just like the players do and be at all the games every where and be at the games just like all the players," said Fox.

Even though different  routes got them to the Lake view program both Adan and Michaels parents say being apart of the team has changed them.

"We come and we see that he's  able to get thou the doors he's able to communicate with the coaches he knows  what's going on with the score he follows the team so beyond his classroom work  it gives him something he's excited about,"said Michael's father.  

"Going to therapy and doctors  visits was so different its was a huge life adjustment for us, so him having  basketball was a really great help to him because it made him feel like he was  apart of something," said Adan mother Rita Capichina.

According to coach Chaney, Michael and Adan are apart of something, players and coaches treat  them like one of the guys and says he's lucky to have them apart of the  program.
"These two boys are giving there  best every day what there ability will allow them to do without any griping or  complaining. There thankful to be here and we are thankful to have them," added Chaney.
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