Morrissy highlights plight of chickens in new opening act

GRN Reports

Morrissy, long known for his anti-cruelty activism, is pressing the case against the chicken industry in his new opening act, which features a video done in partnership with PETA.

Instead of ticking off the usual factoids — a billion chickens processed for food etc. — the video shows the life of a chick, who’s torn from his mother and can only imagine what his existence could be, with freedom and the ability to enjoy the companionship of other chickens. The story is told to the tune of Morrissy’s song Someday.

Morrissy, an English singer and songwriter, has been known as a vegetarian with strong political views about meat consumption since he headed up the Smiths in the mid 1980s. The UK band is best known for its 1985 album, Meat is Murder.

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